Untold Secret To Rank Google First page

Untold Secret To Rank Google First page

Hello handsome readers, have been searching on internet to see what people are searching for on internet and I saw that may people are lacking on this, Untold Secret To Rank Google First page this maybe sound renage to you but is not, we are here to show case you 100% SEO secret, has we all know knowledge is power and SEO is stew in blog.
Some of my clients do thing SEO is just baby but i can tell you what what for me many not work for you that’s why will are here to explain and show all the secret in SEO for you.
There something you need to consider before you start updating or Building any SEO backlink on your website,
Did you know it not about installing Plugin and it all no. It does not work to that way.
Did even know that SEO plugin are ment for monitoring not for web ranking, I Know you will not believe me.
Did you know with out Plugin or any backlink your post blog can index in just five minutes, I know you can’t believe
Did you believe me I can index my first post in 1 minute, lol you said it in your main that kalvin Doss is a lier, am not.
With does “Did you” if you keep thinking is not possible so you need to ready this article from A-Z.

Can will start the class, Okay let start Guys.

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OnStage SEO
This is act of act of practice individual page to obtain high ranking and organic traffic from (SERP) there are so many different tips on Onstage SEO.

1. Start title tags with your target keyword:
You need to start your title tags with target keyword it maybe low Competitive or high competitive that’s does not not mean this title tags will drive traffic to your website there so many keyword title tags on Google, this will enrich your blog for easy ranking and organic traffic PowerPoint.
2. Drop Keyword in first 100 words
This is normal thing for you to do, when u start writing you need to add your keyword on first 100 word to make it rank easily that where some people miss it. More over you need to add some links around the keywords to gain more organic traffic.

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3. Use Outbound Link
Outbound link is a permary source of link that show Google that your content is original and we’ll valid reason for this is to build truest around your blog.
I normally advice small blogs to outbound link to top blog, and the acticles should be reflected to show Google that you are on the right way.

4. Write Click-Worth meta descriptions for each Post
Some years back you do not need this but now something has changed, you will need worth description to rank higher on particular keyword.
When writing it try to put your keyword in the box to rank on the particular Keyword easily.
5. Put your target keyword in the URL
In Onstage SEO all your PowerPoint is Keyword you need to add the keyword in your URL for easy ranking.
Google will have another reason to rank your blog with this and it will perfectly work am sure of it 100%.

6. Post Long Content
I know you will have understand this before you need to write very well with easy English or any of your language u base on,
If your competitor write 200 word my Dear you can write 500 word. Just to make it similar and easy ranking tho.

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7. Intenal Link
Internal link I do call it pro max, with this your blog can rank easily on google.
You will interlink from blog getting traffic from Google to boost it on (SERP).
Link A to B and link B to A, that’s just the simple mathematics interlink is unique and fast way to rank your blog post without build link.
8. Make Sure Your Blog Is Super Fast
Your blog need to be fast in speed to rank easily in some cases that’s where you miss it.
You well thinking how can you fast speed your blog you can use Wp Rocket that’s is for WordPress user and other blog can program it direct.

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I know you have learn a lot today and now you have know all the secret to rank on first page on Google, you are free to ask any questions in our comment section

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