10+ Hot Best Digital Products To Sell in Nigeria (2021)

When I first started My Digital Marketing Business way back in 2016, I gave out an eBook for Free download to test my Niche Market and also build my email list.

The Ebook was just design to be as an Opt-in lead (bribe) and not to make profit, so I never bothered doing much marketing or Paid Promotions for it. I would only place the opt-in form on my site and share my site link on facebook hoping for a massive result.
But unfortunately, it only got few download and that was too poor not as if people are not interested but I failed to Promote my Digital Product even though it was for free.
I almost quit blogging and had a mindset that it is not possible for me to make it online, many people that thought the same way I was thinking quit and went to look for Real Offline Business To Start.
Well, I am not here to share my blogging story with you but to show you Hot Digital Products That are in high demand to sell online in 2021.
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High Demand Digital Products in Nigeria 2020
Currently now, I have 2 in 1 E-books I am selling and have 1 eBook I’m giving out for free at a limited number of copies each month.

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Now, I guess you know what is Digital Products and How To Create them, let me explain briefly for the sake of new beginners reading this.

What is Digital Products?

Digital Products are goods (Valuable) that are consumed online by Digital Users, did I just confused someone here.

Because I am seeing your face looking Confused, Lol.


As you know Physical Products like Books, Audio, Video and Membership Monthly dues etc, all these can be sold online as Digital Products through a website (Automatedly) or email mannually.

I love the Automated System because it reduce the work and get things done the smarter way it should be done.

If you do not still understand what is Digital Products and Marketing, go and download my free eBook, inside I explained all you should know about Digital Marketing as a newbie. It is simple to learn and master, you do not need a degree to start Selling Digital Products.

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Next, What Kinds of Digital Products To Sell Online.

I would show you 8 Best Digital Products in 2021 (today)  and how to make money selling Digital Products Online without PayPal.

What Kinds of Digital Products To Sell Online

The Best digital products to sell 2020 are problem people are searching for that the full solutions is Not fully available online for free like for example; How To Create A PayPal Account That Can Send And Receive Money in Nigeria Directly To Bank

There are different kinds of Digital Products to sell online and the Best Digital Products that are in high demand right now are:

Types Of Digital Products

  1. PDF Document (Popularly Know as eBook).
  2. Plugin.
  3. Software.
  4. Mobile App Development.
  5. Video.
  6. Audio.
  7. Graphics Design.
  8. Tickets.
  9. Online Course.
  10. Membership Subscriptions
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All the above mentioned Digital Products are in high demand right now, depending on your Niche category and what your Audience need.

For the sake of new beginners that are going to read this, let me explain each one of them as types of Digital Products.

I would talk more on each of them and show you how you can make money selling digital products as I explain them.

I am just trying to be kind here, if not I have explained all of them in my Books and practical steps to start making money selling your digital products on Auto Pilot.

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Now, let’s begin.

#1: PDF Document (eBook)

Digital Products That Are in High Demand Right Now
eBook: Digital Documents

Among all digital products, eBook is the easiest product to create and sell online and it is still the high in demand digital products right now,  PDF is the short word for Portable Device Format.

That is it can be read and access in any device format like Laptop, Android, Tablet and others.

There are many reasons people create e-book and there are many reasons people buy e-book, you can distribute your document in various format or extension but if you do not want people to be able to edit your work, save as  (.pdf)  file and sell or share.

Other extension can be  .csv,  .Doc,  .txt,  .Docx,  .xsl and  .ePub for Amazon Kindle publishing (KDP)  you can convert your documents to any format you want depending on your word processing software. For e-book we recommend .pdf and   .ePub.

You can create Document like resume or Proposals. Templates, reports, Business Plan, Checklist,  How To Guides and sell as Digital Products or give it out for download free.

If you want to learn more on how to create and sell your Book Online Automatedly, get my best selling book tittle ” Automated System To Create And Sell Your Book Online“.

As a Bonus Package, I am offering a one on one Whatsapp coaching for 7 days after purchase to ensure buyers get real result and take you by hand to show you the exact same system I use to sell Digital Products Online.

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#2: WordPress Plugins

Digital Products That Are In High Demand Right Now
WordPress Plugin
WordPress is the most popular CMS (content management system) for creating websites and blogs without coding and it functionality is based on plugins, plugins are in high demand to make website owner and bloggers work easy, if you can create a plugin that can  solve a particular problem for website owners and bloggers, free or subscription base, they would be ready to buy and install your plugin if it can solve their problems and share with peers.
Or let me say from a general aspect, you can  create a Software.
Digital Products That Are in High Demand Right Now
Software Development
#3: Software
You can create a software that solves the general public problem like Microsoft, Google, iTune and many others you know.
Many would say, I am not a developer or into programming this is not for me.
You are only deceiving yourself and the truth is not in you, in this tech age, that is not a problem.
Just get money! 
If you are smart, you do not need to be an expert in programming or been a developer to achieve creating a software or plugin.
In fact, you do not need to have an idea of what to invent, just look at existing Softwares and Plugins that are in high demand in the digital market and try to figure out how to improve it and next thing is to look for developers to help you create that software that plugin and pay them off or work together with them and keep developing and updating the Software.
If you do not have enough money to pay for it, just look for someone that has money and share the business plan with them and tell the person that if this project becomes successful that he has share in revenue that the software product generate but if it fails, you would refund his money back.
Or rather still, you both share the profit and loss 50/50.
He/she would become the co-founder and you both get the product launch.
If they agree, you can go and find a trustworthy Software Developer or Programmer to execute the project with.
You can find a Freelance Developer from Freelance.com or Upwork and hire.
It is recommended you search for a developer near your location to be able to communicate effectively and also work together.

#4: Mobile App Development

Digital Products That Are In High Demand Right Now
I would quickly talk on this but you already know about App  like Android App and iOS App.
Many Businesses want their businesses to be easily accessed by users (potential customers) like Jumia App,  Konga App,  Amazon Store, and many Big E-commerce you know. Even schools want their school to come online now after this pandemic.
The need for Mobile App Development and Web Design would increase after this Pandemic period.

#5: Video

Digital Products That Are in High Demand
Sell Videos Online
If you are into film production, you can sell your videos online or upload it to YouTube and Netflix and make money from viewers subscriptions or advertisement.
You can sell your videos on vimeo.com and many other video sites,
Another ways of making money with your videos is selling them as digital products maybe directly or add it it to a membership site or online course.
You can make your video downloadable by uploading it to Google Drive, Dropbox and other cloud server hosting large amount of files online.  Then copy the sharing link and start distributing or selling your videos online.
To learn more on how to create and sell your Digital products online, Download my eBook now and get 7 days free one on one Whatsapp coaching where I take you by hand and show you the exact system I use to sell my Digital Products Online.  Buy Now.

#6: Audio Podcast/ Music

Digital Products That Are In High Demand Right Now
Sell Your Music Online
Have you ever listen to a Podcast show before?
Or pay to access an audio class?
Do you know that music and Audio Podcast you download online are digital products.
Well, you mostly download Audios (.mp3)  for free but if you are an high influencer in your niche,  you can sell your Audio or music on iTunes and Google Music or other music online store and digital Products in demand.
All you need to start is just a good recorder (you can use your smartphone for start) or purchase a good microphone and use Audacity software to edit your Audio or other Editing software on laptop and computer or use Anchor, Speaker App on Android Phone  or other mobile editing apps.
The way I explained how video can be sold online is the same way audio can be sold.

#7: Graphic Design

Digital Skill That Are in High Demand Right Now
Graphics Design
If you are a Graphic Designer and into Photo Editing or anything that is concerned with design, you can make money selling your graphics work as digital products through registering as freelancer in various online photo stores like iShutter, iStock and many others.
And start selling your photos and graphics work like desigining Business Card and logo and also list it on fiverr and freelancer.com as your gigs to be contacted by those in need of your graphics service.

#8: Ticket

Digital Products That Are in High Demand Right Now
Sell Tickets Online

With some automated plugins, you can sell digital tickets and tickets buyers can print it out in his or her various locations with a printer.

All you need is to become and event manager or if you are hosting your own event, create a website using wordpress and install a plugin that allows users generate tickets. Go to wordpress plugin directory and search for event Ticket generator.

#9: Online Course

Digital Products That Are in High Demand Right Now
Online Course

Selling Online Courses has turned ordinary experts into high paid extraordinary experts making millions of dollars every month selling their expertise online.

You can build a website for creating and selling your online course or use existing platforms to teach like Teachable, Thinkific, Udemy etc. 

Watch Video To See How To Create A Professional Online Course in 60 minutes

#10: Membership Subscriptions

Watch this video by Yaro Stark to see how to build a profitable membership site step by step.

If you are able to build a membership site with over a 100 members and each of them are paying $10 per month, do the mathematics 100(members) X $10 = $1,000 every month.

Bonus Tips: Web Design

You do not need to become a programmer or Web Developer to Design a Website again, WordPress, anyone can easily design a responsive website for any purpose, if you know how to use it.

Do you want to learn WordPress Design, I can coach you to creating your first website and other people website and charge people to create for them.

But, it is not for free. Contact me now.

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