Some List Of Plugin You Need In 2021

Good day guy, today I am giving you some list of the plugin you to set up your WordPress website and I know it we are helpful and help your organic traffic too.
Yes, I know you we be hearing about the plugin and some call it function.php it real funny abi, I remember the day I visited one of my programmer personal advisers so we get into a discussion about plugin so he told me plugin as no helpful effect to a website to be faithful I did not accept it because I know the personal effect of plugin I can’t to miss understand him because is PHP boss.
You know every plugin as there function some are; website health monitoring plugin, traffic source plugin, content manager,
List of the plugin you need most to help your website.


Insert Header And Footer
Broken Link Checker
QQworld AutoSave Image
Classic Editor
404 Redirect
301 Redirect
Seo Booster
Google XML Sitemap
WP Content Copy Protection [Lite]
WP Rocket
Google Kit
SEO Plugin
File Manager

Yes, Today I will like to give you the function of the plugins and the usefulness, with my statement don’t miss understand me you have to choose with your own niche bases on you. And did you know you need to believe in yourself before you make it in blogging or what so call so let keep pushing we will soon make me? Now let start the class.
Insert Header And Footer; this plugin is used insect footer HTML code to perform auto-injector both footer and booter.
world AutoSave Image, this plugin is used to convert images and save feature images in content it we also protect it from copyright.
Smush; is plugin is also used to set the image size and set the feature image too. It can also help in setting image keywords and get it rank on the search engine.
Jetpack; This plugin is used to know the blog traffic source and show numbers of inbound links and
external link
Broken Link Checker: this plugin has the power to detect affected links; to protect the blog from broken link error, the broken link has many effects on your ranking factors.
Classic Editor: I can call this plugin the best handwriting for content writers to make their write-up easy and free tools available on it.
404 Redirect: this plugin is used to direct an invalid page to a particular place or home page.

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301 Redirect: this plugin is also like 404 Redirect but their use makes it different 301 Redirect is used to change URL addresses and google loves this in most cases in the SEO aspect.
Seo Booster: this plugin is not most important the only reason I may mention it is that it has one lovely future, the plugin normally shows where they search your blog and inbound links.
Websub/Pubsubhubbub: This plugin normal notify google spider to pick your post and index it to (SERP)
Google Xml Sitemap: This plugin is used to connect a blog to google console to program the sitemap.
WP Content Copy Protection [Lite]: this plugin is used to protect thieves to copy a particular post or contest.

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