3 Major Selling Points in Marketing That Works

Now, you have Started A Business of your own and thinking of making your brand name becoming number #1 in the marketplace for potential buyers to see your product and buy what you sell.

Here are some Major Factors I would like you to consider when choosing your marketing strategies to deploy in your first promotion, which has an acronym of VLC

Which stand for;

V= Value,
L= Location,
C = Cost.

These are the core focus in marketing/promotion according to Business.

How do these factors affect your Sales Record,

Let me quickly talk about what this factors means to your business and how to use them get people to buy from you right now.

Selling more product fast

And, Make More Money .

3 Major Buying Factors People Consider Before They Buy.

As a seller, these factors should be your selling point. 


First and foremost, do the product that you want to sell has any value in the Market.

Do not try to reinvent nature but you can only improve it. Identify high demand products to sell, so you can be patronized everyday.


Location matters alot, people are generally lazy to travel a long distance to get things for themselves, when choosing a location, try to be very close to consumers of the product and adverts almost everyday to be seen and get known.


Your price matters the most, if you sell for example a bread of ₦50 for ₦200, consumer will take the risk and go to where it is sold for ₦70 then the law of distance in Business is bypassed.


Let what you sell have Value to the market you sell to and your Location be easily Accessed by Buyers and finally Cost be Pocket Friendly.

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