4 Real Offline Business Ideas To Start in Nigeria (2021)

Have you tried every making money online business you know of, and you did make real money as they said, today I am going to show you some Hot Real Offline Businesses That is Sure to make you an extra-ordinary millionaire.

  1. Manufacturing/ Production Business.
  2. Service Business.
  3. Buy And Sell Business.
  4. Marketing Business.

Start A Business in Nigeria 2020

No matter your country or location in Nigeria, these businesses exist in one form or the other,  let me tell you more. 

Please,  if you are below 19 years old this article is not for you because these are serious real life business that need an average capital to start, so if you are looking for ways to make money online, I would advice you go to IncomeBrain Blog and look around their posts (www.incomebrain.com.ng).

Let’s talk real business here.

All of the above mentioned business are Categories of Business that exist in real time, you can pick any and search for opportunities in it. 

Table of Content:

* Difference Between Marketing And Business.

* Types Of Business.

* What is;
  1. Manufacturing/ Production Business.
  2. Service Business.
  3. Buy And Sell Business.
  4. Marketing Business.
* How To Start;

  1. Manufacturing/ Production Business.
  2. Service Business.
  3. Buy And Sell Business.
  4. Marketing Business.
* Limitations.
* Benefits.
* What Next.
*Final Tips. 

What Is The Difference Between Marketing And Business?


Let’s get to know What Business really means! 

What is Business All About? 

Business is a legal entity of an established organization that involves the exchange between one or more individuals or firms.

Was that confusing!

Now, What is Marketing in Business?

Oh, I just made it clear here that Marketing and Business has no difference because without Marketing, Business can not be done. 

Yes, Can not be done. 

On a clean note, let see what Marketing on a null shell means. 

Explain What  You Understand By the Term “Marketing

According to Dictionary and Wikipedia, 

I was able to arrive at this definition:

Marketing is the study and management of exchange relationships. It is the business process of creating relationships with and satisfying customers. Because marketing is used to attract customers, it is one of the primary components of business management and commerce.

The action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising.

So, you see the inter-relationship between Business and Marketing.

Types Of Business

*Manufacturing/ Production Business.

*Service Business.

*Buy And Sell Business.

*Marketing Business.

Okay, let’s discuss more about them now.

Manufacturing/Production Business:

Manufacturing/Production Business
Manufacturing/Production Business
Many are involved in this type of business in one way or the other without them knowing that they are fully into Manufacturing  Business.

Manufacturing Business is simply the production (making) of finished product to sell to end users to satisfy their immediate want and make more profit.

For example; Soap Making Business, Chin Chin Production, Bread Baking Business, Shoe Making Business, etc.

How To Start A Manufacturing Business

It should not be that difficult, identify problems that needs new innovations and start creating quality products to solve and satisfy human want.

Service Business:

Service Business
Service Business

Anything you can do for people to get paid is service Business, like Cleaning service, Decorating Service, Mechanic Service, Mental Service and Installation Service Business.

How To Start Service Business

Pick any DIY Service and learn how to do it professionally and start rendering as a paid service and do directory listing in your locality to get know by those who are willing to hire you for your service business.

Buy And Sell Business:

Buy And Sell Business

Everyone knows this act as business!

But,  let me tell you what you do not know before,  Buy and Sell is the main component of The Chain of Distribution and every growing business needs it to survive including Online Business and Offline Business.

In a market were buying and selling does not take place, soon the Entrepreneurs (Business man or woman) would soon be out of business.

How To Start Buy And Sell Business

You need Capital to start and grow this type of business model.

You must also be good in keeping stock and accounting.

Marketing Business:

Marketing Business

You can simply think of this kind of Business as Affiliate Marketing Business or Network Marketing Business, provided Marketing is involved.

It strictly involves an advanced and professional sales strategies to attract new people to know about a product and buy from you.

Almost every big business want this!

How To Start Marketing Business

Know your target audience and speak the language they can clearly understand and get used to.

That is, study Marketing and look for brands/ companies that want your marketing skill.


Real Business, Makes Real Money!

Do not be deceived by Screenshot from Online Business.

Work out your Success.

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