How To Promote Your Affiliate Link And Earn More Money (Online)

It is easy to Join Most Affiliate Marketing Program but Promoting and making more commission (money) is not that Simple as signing up…

You might had joined so many Affiliate Programs in Nigeria or outside Nigeria (other countries) but has not made any commission or few sales and commission, here in this article you would learn how to promote your affiliates link to anyone and make them buy or sign up fast.

If you are a new beginner or do not know What is Affiliate Marketing or How To Start Affiliate Marketing, I would show you how by the end of this post, so read to the end to get full tutorial on Affiliate Marketing Business.

I consider Affiliate Marketing as a Real Offline Business or Best Online Business to Bloggers and Internet Guys.

Methods To Promote Your Affiliate Link And Earn More

How To Advertise (Promote) Your Affiliate Link 

[The Right Way]

Doing Marketing for your Affiliates is not an easy job but becomes very Profitable if everything is Automated!

The only right legal ways I would recommend to promote your affiliate links and Products is through Content Marketing and Direct Selling.

2 New Methods To Use Right Now:

#1: Content Marketing.

#2: Direct Selling.

What is Content Marketing:

Content marketing is a form of marketing focused on creating, publishing, and distributing content for a targeted audience online.


A type of marketing that involves the creation and sharing of online material (such as videos, blogs, and social media posts) that does not explicitly promote a brand but is intended to stimulate interest in its products or services.

Affiliate Content Marketing
Content Marketing

Let me explain further,

As you may have heard about “Content is the King” but many are still finding a winning king to use. 🔍

For you to be able to find a great content, you must know how to do content creation and get target audience to love what you create.

I would deep into content creation in my next article, drop a comment here let me notify you when I post on this topic again.

You do not have to be a Copywriter or Expert on Content Creation to use Content Marketing to promote your affiliate links, just keep it simple.

It should be Short and Actionable!

How Use Content Marketing To Promote Your Affiliate Links Online

Just get the Word Out…

You already have the your Affiliate link, create content either video or blog post, social media post, podcast and let your topic center around the benefit of your affiliate company.

For example;
I affiliate a Webhosting company, I already have my unique referral link and fully activated account, all I have to start doing is to get the word out either through creating a video showing business owner the importance of taking their business online through a website and benefits, the Pros and Cons and why they should choose my affiliate company from a wide range of Webhosting company and also a bonus package for using my referral link to buy (purchase) their Webhosting plan. I can further offer a free web design service if they use my link. 

So,  another important tips on promoting your affiliate link is offering a bonus package. It works like magic.

Here is my best practices using Content Marketing to Promote your affiliate links.

+ Offer Additional Service. (Like Set up service if you can)

+ Trust What You Promote. (Use Your Affiliate Products or Services)

+ Start A Blog on Your Affiliate Program Niche.

+ Use Video Tutorials (Start A YouTube Channel)

+ Start A Podcasting Show. 

+ Stay Updated on New development in your Affiliate Company, subscribe to their newsletters. 

+ Start Building An Email List – Collect Their Personal Details like Phone number, email address and gender, age etc.

Doing all this might be stressful 😭

But here is the main thing you should know now.

Become an Authority (Professional) on what you do and people would believe what you say or sell.

Start with one and add other channel I mentioned. There are many more to learn about content marketing which I would share here on various blog post on LearnMarketing Nigeria Blog.

Next on our list is Direct Selling.

Most of the tips I would be sharing on this blog is not on Google or some expert would not share them for free.

Direct Selling :

This is the easiest method to use when you are a busy bee.

Affiliate Marketing is another way to add extra income to your bank account and with that in mind, you have a full time Job or Business that takes your whole attention.

In direct selling, you just join your desire affiliate program like Amazon Associate, Jumia or Konga,  any E-commerce website that support affiliation, then create an e-commerce website and add a store like their and embed your affiliate link in the buy now button, you get paid when a purchase is made with your link.

On this type of affiliate marketing business model, you can strictly focus on Paid ads to get traffic to your affiliate store and they buy.

Here, your money work while you are busy with other stuff.

Are you a Network Marketer, check out this post I wrote on How To Get More Prospects To Join Your Network Marketing Business (Fast).

I would keep updating and posting fresh tips to help you,  connect with me on social media and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Which Marketing Techniques would you use starting from today?

Content Marketing  or  Direct Selling.

Drop your comment below this post and I would reply you.

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