Most Profitable Monitizaton Company In Nigeira

Good Day, Someone message me an email and ask me to teach him how make money from his blog LOL. That is really funny but a nice question in did and i like the idea of asking question you can also ask yours true E-mail:, we will reply you and get your requst for you on time, i know you wil be thinking how to make money online or true your blog Yes it really possible. Goes are does day we buy product in market but now everything is done true our sell phone, goes are does day when will go bank to do transfer but now you can do it true your phone. You can buy anything online and sell anything true online. You can Monitizaton your website in many ways and earn as low has 250$ per month i think that’s money too. Some also make sells of product i know you will have use to that beacuse there the most popular ways of making money but i can tell you Monitizaton is always the best. Stay here i will teach you how to Monitizaton your blog and get pay.

4 To Consider Before MonitizatonThere some team and condition you need to follow before you monitiza your blog and earn Dem.
1. Having Your Domain Is Most: To start your own blog you we need domain to place all your business and information on it. Choose a well pick name that is similar to your product and easy to remember or sweet. Without owning your own Domain your blog can never be Monitizaton, you can choose old or new name.
2. Always Maintain Quality Content After you have buy the Domain the section is the most important, Did you know if you copy any blog design in your niche the blog will be in number 1 and you will be in number 2. Also when you copy content your blog we stay in grave for ever try to maintain quality content for you to be trust from (SERP) or human being.
3. Careful With illegitimate Content Some online business does not accept copy you can’t expect me to tell you to copy content or sell your follow blogger content, 30% of blogger miss it this way. You just need to be careful with does Legitimate content it can damage your own blog and lost of truest to users. If anybody copy your content report to (Dmca) Thy will take it down for you.

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4. Get Hug Traffic: when you blog has hug traffic you have getting all traffic is what you need to earn a lot from your blog if you keep truest of your users and maintain good content you will surely rank and get Good traffic from (SERP) this will help a lot.

List Of Profitable Monitizaton Company In Nigeira

1. Make Money With Affiliate Marketing: This one of the way people make money in there blog.
US Blogger make a lot on this at list 20% of them.
It we give you Opportunity to earn a lot and sell any product with your blog.
This method apply various business and apply RIO to make the money.

2. Make Money With Google Adsence: Adsence is one of the most way to make money and earn in easy way you just need to apply for the program if you meet there result they will approve the blog and set the ads code to earn they pay with CPC, CPM And PREMIUM.
In 2014 Google Adsence earn 3.4billon dollar, there the best AdChoice that we Place an advert according to your niche.
What CPC: Cost-per-Click
What is CPM: Cost per thousand
PREMIUM: Instant and automatic access With your traffic source you can get this account with just 5million page view.
You can also use other ads with them i we give you some list of company’s below.

Propeller ads

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3. Make Money Display Target Advertising: This method is highly accepted you will place there banner in your blog and send them traffic, you will let it public know that you accept such advert and they will pay you according to your traffic.
4. Make Money With Sponsored Post or Review
This is common and accept to gain audance to there product or Do-follow backlink. In this method they consider somethig The Traffic and The And the Domain Authority

5. Sell Pysical Product On Blog Most US and US blogger are use to this selling of Pysical product if you own a store you can open an online store too to deliver your product.
6. Sell Digital product On Your Blog This process brings a lot of benefit to your blog you we need to apply for the program from the blog and your user will be using your refer link to buy the product They will pay you with discount.

7. Create Small E-Books To Users: This method is good most for the teaching niche, You can write e-book on any curse to teach and your express knowledge in online marketing and they will buy with it if they have interest. With your price let a soon you sell each 5$ and you sell 100 in a day it seen you have Make a lot.
Where to sell your E-book Apart from your blog.
Amazon E.T.C

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8. Become Freelance Bloggger: This one of the best way to Monitizaton your blog and earn hug of money any popular blog need freelance to write or work for them e.g Fiverr, Opera mini Like that of fiverr you just need to open an account with them and create gigs from there buyers will be seen your service and order for it.
Opera mini they need thousand of writers to write For them if is effective there user will read and they will also pay per click.
Thanks for the follow up. I know you can now make money with your blog in different method. My advice for all bloggers is to try different ways of making money, Adsence can work for me and Afilliate method will work for you it also depend on grace. Keep visiting us for more update that will boost your bloging lifestyle. 247parrot Is a big brand that stand to help you develop your blog seo to rank on search engine first page and get hug traffic. Thanks A lot.

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