List Of Plugin To Set Easy Onetage Seo

Hello webmasters and blogger, today I will be showing you list of plugin to make your blog be seo Power room, I know today is not the first day you will be searching on internet to know the list of plugin to do easy onetage Seo has we all learn is some class back SEO is the Piller to boost and organic traffic to our website. Calm down you will get all you need here.
Some people miss it when installing there plugins thought there blog can rank with many plugin no it not so, you need to work has an expert and dimo the needful things to rank on Google first page. Here today I promise to show you list of plugins you need and to there usefulness I know this will help you a lot and boost your blog ranking and get hug traffic from (SERP).

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What is Seo: In simple meaning is the Search Engine Optimize, this is how your blog appear on (SERP) and how they perform on Google to gain traffic. SEO can surely help your blog get hug traffic from search engine to boost Organic traffic.
Type of SEO
Onstage: This section of SEO that are perform on a website only not outside the blog, e.g. SEO Plugin, Xml, and some other SEO installations to make the blog SEO power House.
Offstage: This is section of SEO perform outside the blog to boost the blog performans on (SERP) to gain many audience from Google and build your truest from it, e.g link building, Social Signers, Advertising.

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Two classes of SEO
Whitehat SEO: this is act of posting alone with out doing any grey in your blog, all you need is set your onstage and start posting and run advert you can also send email to bloggers to gain Do-follow this what Google accept.
Blackhat SEO: this act of using trick for blog to rank it with spon link or grey in any form just to boost blog authority, this look bad to Google it easy for the blog to rank just in a month but drop the ranking can drop and loose form on time.

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List of plugins to set Onstage SEO
1. Scheme Pro: this allow you to add rich snippets to your website which make it stand out in search result, it make your blog snippets look rich and stand out in search engine for rating stars and reduce of Crt
2. Redirect: This plugin is one of most friendly seo plugin on WordPress, to fix 404 and 301 Error it many direct it to home page or a certain post you with to direct it too.
3. Wp Rocket: This Plugin is the master of speed, any blog need speed for fast index on search engine to help Google spider to pick up your blog post once. The easiest ways to boost your website speed is to catch wp-rocket.
4. Rank Math: Is a grown SEO plugin in WordPress hat come with wizard to optimize your content and boost your SEO on (SERP). You can also use it to add meta title, SEO titles, description and open graphics metadata, it can also generate Xml sitemap.
5. Yoast Seo: this one of the friendly and most use SEO plugin, it has many future e.g SEO title, description, meta title.
Yoast automatically generat Xml sitemap for all site content and page this make Google to crewn website easily.
6. Google XML Sitemaps: This is WordPress plugin that is power by Google to generate sitemap for easy crewning.
7. WebSub/PubSubHubbub: This Plugin has pro and free future it help Google spider to pick your content in a minute.
Websub/PubsubHubbub is use to set post on search engine that will also help in fast index.

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New I know you have learn one or two things here today keep visiting the blog and stay turn for our SEO tips. 247parrot love and care for you.

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