Advance Tips On How To Write A Quality Guest Post

Good day, guys today I we are teaching you how to gain a link for your website true guest post in which I think you have been waiting for because I promise to drop the process here,
Here you we learn this below.

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What is Guest Post
Type of Guest Post

How To Gain link true Guest Post
How To Request For GUEST Post
Now it saw we are going to learn 3 things in common in which I think you did not miss it I know you keep thinking what this guest post is all about but beer whit I am very simple and I know you love it that’s where are here to put you truly. All you we need to do is to follow the guide one after the other.
What is Guest Post
Guest Post; A Gust post is an act of getting Dofollow back for a blog or context.
That’s the simple definition for it and I we like to explain it better below.
Type of Guest Post.


PAYMENT METHOD;- This act of sending a message to blog owners or web organization, asking them to give you DOFOLLOW Backlines and give them some token of fun some do ask for 100 dollars and some do ask for 60 – 80 dollar, it depends on the blog DA/PA, when you request the blog owner we tell you the fixed price they offer.
How to request for it, you we need to message them true E-MAIL.
Hello SIR/MA,
Good day, I saw your blog and I like how you organize the blog and the program in with I we link to post my contest 0n it I we be happy if you accept it with DOFOLLOW LINK, I know the context we are helpful to your user as with

I we are expecting your reply as soon. as possible thank for your anticipated cooperation
After some days they we reply to you to send the context and the payment prof after you have done all they we publish it with your link.
After the contest add the link with author code <a href=”Link”>Keyword tex8t</a>

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FREE METHOD;- This act of sending free context to a website and get a free link,
You we need to write good context and get credit from the blog, this method is not accepted by all blog but few e.g THEODYSSEYONLINE.COM and NAIJALOADED.COM.NG. does two blogs while the best example and you can try them out with a good topic

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