Beginner Guide On How To Do Keyword Research For Free in 2021

Good guy today we are going to teach you how to do keyword research, I know it may be thinking what keyword means I know it we sound funny. If you are a blogger and you can’t rank any keyword 0n google it sound craze. And is a shame on the web owner and the workers. Now you we notice something on your website you may rank on the title and still gain zero traffic from google. KELVIN tells me a lot about his competitors that they normally outrank him, and they normally get mad traffic from google so he does think is magic NO he does not work like that. So keyword as to do with target and focus. Now let go to our main work gangan.

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What is keyword research?
Type of keyword Research
How to do Keyword Research

WHAT IS keyword Research
What is keyword research; is the act of searching the popular teams people search on the search engine, to get the common results with the strategically include contest so that your content appear higher on search engine results pages.


Now I we like to explain the 3 types of keywords here today and I know you we enjoy it.
SHORT-TAIL KEYWORD; is the head keyword that is highly competitive, because it has a high search on the search engine.
LONG-TAIL KEYWORD, It is a low competitive search on a search engine, it has specific topics or audience, those topics normally as low audience too.

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How to do Keyword Research; FIRST OF ALL, You need good context with a good write-up and optimize it properly, in most cases I do use MOZ PRO KEYWORD EXPLORE, AHREFS KEYWORD EXPLORE, KRYWORDEVERYWHERE tools to do the keyword research. I we explain more below.

In this case, I like to teach you how to do keyword research with google, anytime you search on google it we show you this type of thing below in the photo is also a keyword if you Use your pro tools to check it you we see the monthly volume and. But most of them are short-tail Keyword

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