Guidline on how to Build seo backlinks for Google ranking

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I know It been a while you want what SEO backlink is all about that we this 0ppotuniy for you our lovely fans.
What you we learn in this post.

What is seo
What is search engine
what is backlink
Type of backlinlks
How to how to build quality backlink

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What is seo
Yes this where we are going to thank you for your well-being and little understanding according to from the first upper worlds to the end, new let start our mean work of the day.
What is SEO; according to google;
Seo means ‘’the search engine optimization’’
This the art 0f optimizing your website both 0nstage and offstage to rank on a keyword on a search engine in an easy and fastest ways, I think if they thy ask you what SEO mean now you can answer them easily
What is search engine
I know in the normal day every one of us makes use of search engine and according to research over 1.5 billion search one thing or the other in a month, I know you and I are one of their users I know it lovely okay.
What is a search engine, Is engine that connects to all website the make us in search online

Do there many that’s why I mention the view of them here, Now I we like to explain what does I explain one by one below.
GOOGLE; Is the most popular engine online, I know you can’t tell me you don’t know it is the most popular website online.
According to ALEXA RANK GOOGLE RANK NUMBER 1 AMONG ALL. I know it we are funny to you.
YAHOO; in some years back this engine rank most in the world before google take over new; yahoo search is also one of the best across the globe you can make use 0f it to gain more traffic to your website thy also as many users.
ASKME; I know most people don’t use to this is not funny now; ASKME is also one of the best search engines that we drive you more traffic you are free to add your website under there engine
what is a backlink

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yes, I know this is the main purpose that brings you here, in this section I we teach you how to build links in a way that we help you get more audience from search engines. I remember one day in our street as you all know am a street guy, I meet I kelvin and Doss debating on an issue we I meet them they keep there world and moving now I ask what is the matter they tell me. Guest what I told them to ask Google and they ask they finally get there cool result wow it lovely.
As an SEO expert, I think of a number of blogger fighting for the keyword now see the person that it favors yes is not magic okay. Now let me tell you what backlink is all about.
In my own language, ‘’BACKLINK IS A STEW’’
You know all it means when we call something stew, I can call it back up for your on-stage SEO to boost the blog on SARP.

DOFOLLOW is the most valuable link get from the right source; it we tell google and another search engine that you get your link from direct source; In most cases, they normally add it to reword the writer or pay for it as guest post on a blog.
N0F0LLOW Backlink are less in value.
In most cases I do tell my client nofollow backlink has no value to your so google does tag ‘’NOFOLLOW’’ has ingnore link. Do you we need to build it as mix up to make your link friendly to google.
We mostly get NOFOLLOW link from this this signal.

FORUM PLATFORM; Does are the website that allows users and website owners to post about their products and allow them to add their links.
E.G; Nairaland; Ghforum, wapforum.
how to build quality backlink
Yes now; we are almost getting there guys, at the time many people do think about what is link build, I know many of you guy fund it difficult to build themself in wish I think is very bad for website owners, that’s why I bring this class up for you guys, many people do type we SEO EXPERT for the job in wish I think is one of the best way and good method to build link
What to consider when building a link to your website;
I think Google does not you metric to rank blogs but SEO experts believe it 0ne 0f the factor to know more about your big on goggles. It we are funny when you see a blog with low DA out ranking the one with high DA and for the PA is a number of pages metric 0n your website in some cases I see it as taboo but it matters. Now you can understand what I mean by DA/PA now you need to learn how to build quality link to your website. Many people also consider spam score in some case but I think is noting in ranking factors.
The method links to build
Commenting method
This method is common among fresher bloggers and is a powerless link to google. According to my boss he his ‘’book the stew of SEO’’ I know most of you here have reedy the book online. He said he builds a commenting link for google 1yr before he knows is powerless and meanless in ranking factor,
Gest post
This is an act of paying for a context for adding your link, this one of the popular ways of getting links for your web and is a lovely and DOFPLLOW backlink for your website to build your ranking on the search engine. In our next class we are teaching how to write GUEST POST.

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