Facebook Policy 2021: How Messenger Bot Update Affect Your Business Online

The Facebook Messenger team are working on an update that is set to be released on March 4th, 2020 on mass broadcast reach from Business pages from bot like Chatfuel, MobileMonkey, Manychat and all Facebook Messenger Chat bot you know or use. Here is what has changed….

Broadcast reach of promotional messages would be limited and not reach inactive bot subscribers unless Page owners boost (Pay) the message as sponsored messages on messenger.

Facebook Messenger team said to introduce Pay To Play


From John Obidi’s Post on HeadStart Africa

 if you are building An Audience on Your Messenger Bot!

Facebook has brought its PAY TO PLAY policy to the platform.

After spending years building up our Messenger lists, we’ll now have to pay to reach our subscribers, using the ‘Sponsored Messages’ feature.

Due to the policy enforced on March 4, you won’t be able to message subscribers who have not interacted with you in the last 24 hours… UNLESS YOU PAY FACEBOOK.

I suspect they will bring this to Facebook Groups someday, with the way they are encouraging Group Admins to keep engaging.

No wahala… Our people say, “Since the hunter has learned to shoot without missing, the bird too has learned to fly without perching”

It’s our job to stay 10 steps ahead.

The full details on the policy update are available here:


Questions? Ask.

– J.O.

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