Different between Blog and YouTube

Today I will be showcase you and also tell you the difference between Blog and YouTube this common around the globe but for the case of novice and freshener in blogging and Vbloging I will like to explain the two to the fullest to make it easier and help you out in choosing your carea opportunity online here. In this class I will be showing you the difference, how to make money on blog m and YouTube the last but not the list you can make money with the both side, I know you will be thinging how come I just want the best for our user after the class you can message the head office to ask any questions admin@247parrot.com we are active to answer any of your questions.
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Can we Teach, Can will start.
First of all you need to ready the acticle from A-z to for easy understanding.
What’s is Blog: This is regular Porter that is regularly update by individual or group of people to pass base information to there user’s. You can actually make it by writing acticle with large sect company. You can also work under a blog as comlumlist and you will be payed weekly or monthly and make your living from it.

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Most pay Niche In 2021
You need to know what your audience need in common and choose wisely when you are going in to blogging.

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What is YouTube: YouTube is a video platform where publishers are allowed to post helpful video and earn with there video. YouTube is a platform where u can teach and share experience with video and make money, you need to create your own YouTube channel to post your own video and earn from it.

Different between Blogger and Vbloging
1. Blogger are the owner of there personal blog
2. Vbloging are working under YouTube
3. Blogger can write post and also embedded any forms of video slip
4. Vbloging only post on YouTube
5. Blogger pay for host and Domain
6. Vbloging post only on YouTube they don’t need to pay any Dem and they earn
7. Blogger can make money in different ways and any forms of directe advert
8. Vbloging can only earn from AdSense on YouTube after there 1, 000 Subsription and watch hours
9. Blogger own there Porter themselves they can’t ban them.
10. Vbloging channel can be ban anytime you rude against the T&C.

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Different between Blog and YouTube
Blog: First of all, we like to tell you example of blog. “247parrot is example of blog” the acticle you are reading is blog post. To own a website you need something to start your own website; Host, Domain and Data.
Host: Host is like a land where you build your house.
Domain: Is example of house that u build on land.
Data: Will all know data is life, you will need data for regular update. To boost your website and make it easily but if you are in community where there his free WiFi you are free to go.
You own your blog your self not like that of YouTube, you can earn in many ways and optimize your articles and embedded YouTube videos with your channel and also earn from the channel too.

YouTube: This is a porter where publishers can upload there video and earn millions of dollars from there channel when you optimize the channel. You need 1,000 subscription and watch hours.
1, 000 subscription: After the subscription you can motinize it.
Watch Hours: if you have 1hr watch time you can start earn from the channel.

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By now if they ask you any questions about blog and YouTube you can differencert the two and explain better. That’s why we are here for you guys to enlighten you and give you last update about bloging and easy way to make it.

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