How to create a blog A-Z In 2021

Good Day Guys. I know this one you have been looking for How to create a blog. Is not really funny, Did you know 70% of guys there out side while thinking of have there own blog and make cool money from it Yes. As we all know you can’t just jump into bloging like That and start making the money. There so many steps you we need to follow, I bring this topic up to teach you just stay turn to the end.
What is Blog.
Type of Blog
How to Setup a Blog A-Z
How To motinize a website
What is Blog
Blog is a regularly update website own by indivial or populic sector to deliver Information to there community.
Type of Blog
Blog Has many type and some can call it niche, here today i’ll show you the most popular once.
1. Entertainment Blogs: This type of blog will Focus on Entertainment gist, ghossip.
2. Travel Blog: this type of blog will due with travelling information and ticket price.
3. Tech Blog: This type of blog will dues with tech and last update about technology
4. Music Blog: I know you all love music this type of blog will provide you latest trend songs in town.
5. Fashion Blog: this types of blog due with new out-fit that kill the Guag and run the town.

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6. Sport Blog: this type of blog will be giving you latest update about sport, Match result, Highlights.
7. Food Blog: This type of blog will be teaching you how to set your food timetable and where to get food stuff both home and abroad.
8. Lifestyle Blog: This type of blog will due with lifestyle and life story of celeb
9. Fitness Blog: This type of blog will be teaching you how be fit and be health everyday.
10. DIY Blog:
11. Finance Blog: This type of blog we be due with your finance and manage your income and also teach you how to manage resource.
12. Political Blog: I know you we like to read latest update about politics does blog under this niche we provide it.
13. Personal Blog: This type of blog we tell people about you your self only and also tell them about your product.
14. Movie Blog: this set of blog we stand to show you diffent movies everyday
15. News Blog: this type of blog we be giving you latest news time to time around the global
16. Business Blog: This type of blog we talk about your business and booking of goods.
17. Car Blog: This type of blog will be talk about about latest car in town
We just mention view there many types of website. You we need to choose a niche before open a blog with passion.
After you choose a niche, Now you can create a blog.

1. Laptop
2. Mobile Phone
3. Domain
4. Host
1 Laptop: is am  device you in connecting to internet in the fast way, It we be use in web-design and make it easy for easy update and save of time.
2. Mobile Phone: Cell phone is also one of the major tools all bloggers and web owner need to update there server and blog at any given time, most he should be smartphone if you have cell phone you are free to own a blog and start earn from it.
3. Domain: Domain is a name you need too choose sweet name that is easy to remember for users, it maybe long but he should be sweet or funny to people. If is organization blog you can go for .org, if is Communication blog you can go for .com e.t.c. You can get your domain anywhere you want Domainking, Namecheap, e.t.c
4. Host: I can call it a land where you we host your blog, ”Domain is a house why host is a land”. You we need to buy host on any given host company E.g Namecheap, Bluhost, Qserver, Namecheap, Contabo.

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You need to check does host company reviews to know how they operate. When you are to choose plan you need to choose wisely, there some plan that you we still pay for Cpanel.
How to create a blog
Yes now let create the blog, i we try to explain it deeply. First of all you we create account with any of does Domain and Host provider. You we first of all demand for Domain when you finish the order you we then go for host there they we ask you to add the domain you want to active on the host plan and you we add your Domain name Exmaple ( when you are done with this they we send you your cpanel Details now login to your Cpanal,
Now we want to Design a blog, I we explain this deeper for you and you are free to ask any question on comment section.
There first thing you need to consider befor you design a blog, what is the function of the blog on which CMS can i build it and make it easy. We have many CMS.
Meaning of CMS Content Management system.
Types of CMS
1. WordPress: Is the most popular CMs in the world that worth 3.1billion Dollar
2. Wix: is a smart play cms thay full of many template for perfect work.
3. Ghost: is also good for clean writing and ready we enjoy it too.
4. <strong>Laravel
: Is also good for a fram work and full of technical chop.
5. Joombla After wordpress Joomla is the second impressive cms in the world that has the most value future and easiy for freshner to use.
6. Drupal Is one of the best cms that requires most technical method.
7. <strongpSquarespace Is use to solve solution and easy to create store blog, artist blog,
Does are list of CMS i can mention here becuase there many. Here i we advice you to choose <strongWordPress</strong their the most popular and easiest CMS in the world.
Now, let set-up our Blog under WordPress CMS

Login to your Cpanel

Click on softaculous
Click on install WordPresss And choose your your Domain and install your themes and your User name, password and e-mail address and click install everything we be Down in 5min and they we message you on make that they have active the blog on your blog.
Now, you can contine the work on your blog Deshboard that’s all and you we own a blog your self now people we start colling you (C.E.O)

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I think by now you can set-up a blog your self in advance way, 247parrot we not disappoint you, we will keep giving you update time to time as we normally does.

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