To Boost Website DA To 50 Just In A Week

Good Morning Guy, today I will like to teach you how to Boost your blog Domain Authority, Yes, it possible to do so and it has good effect on your blog traffic and help you drive many organic traffic, some years ago when I start a project for my client with just 15 content I Boost his Domain Authority to 15, Some days back he have been seen good results, is getting has low 1k page view.
It many sound funny but nor look impossible I can nicely tell you has am Expert i do Boost the DA and PA without any effect in Ranking but possible.

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What is Domain Authority
What is Page Authority
How to check Domain Authority
Factors to Boost Domain Authority

What is Domain Authority

Domain Authority (DA) This refer has the relevant back  link to your website, in some cases is stand has credit or advert to Boost your brand and make your blog authorization grow faster. Google do read the matric of a website to give them (DA) or to lose (DA)

Advantage of Domain Authority

1. Is one of the ranking factors.
2. It make blog look relevant
3. It help in advertising and Guest post earning
4. It help In good branding
5. Google do consider High (DA) when updating core in December.
Free tools to check Domain Authority
1. Moz
2. Ahreaf
3. Samrush
4. Keyword difficult checker
5. Domain rank checker
6. Mobile friendly tester
7. Google SEO checker
8. Website Authority checker
9. Website accessibi checker
10. Backlink checker
Does are the list of tools we can mention but there many out there with free future and primuim you can choose any of your choice and you can also you them to check your competitors link source and inbound links around the blogs.

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How To Increase Domain Authority
There are some steps you need to take to boost your Damain Authority from 0 – 50 in easy way.
1. Link build: You can go for link building to Boost it up, profile link, commenting link, Social Signer and Guest post,
This many sound has bad step but I can tell u is a lie, you build link but it has ways of doing it. You can check our blog to see more details about that.
2. Good Branding: You need a good brand and keep contistants to make it eay, anytime you keep pushing update your Domain Authority will Boost on time.

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3. Advertising: this one of the arm to boost your blog and give your blog awareness, you can run advert on Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, Instagram ads, when run the advertisement your blog will rank and hug traffic will improve.
4. Quality Content: You will need quality content too is one of does things you need. When you write quality content you can send the to others blog and they will give you Do-follow link the type of link will Boost your Domain Authority.

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Caseas of Decrease in Domain Authority
A lot of blogger out side there well facing this same issue lost of link. One of my client message and tell me his (DA) decrease from 40 to 38, it sound funny when he message me I ask him what did you think it can be the cause he said ( Boss I don’t know) I told him your blog lost a link he fell like what cause it, I reply; Is almighty Google some work on your link and content and it will Boost it self.
What am trying to explain is if your Domain Authority decrease it seen you lost a link big blogs also did same.

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With my own teaching and technical support I know by now you can boost your website Domain Authority to high level to give it improvement without good panda ban, 247parrot team are here to teach you a lot about this seo tips that I know it will add value to your blog and clients own stay here to enjoy more of our update and ask us anything with our comment section. We love you A Lot.

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