How To Blog Less and Gain Traffic

Hello Best Readers, Today i will be teaching you how to blog less and gain hug traffic on your website. Many people believe bloging is 24/7 job no is not so, it depend on niche you are working on that you are working on. It will determain how you will work on your website, today i will open your eye on how to blog less and gain traffic, i know it can sound funny to you is not funny Mr/Mrs bloging is 100% partical that you perform your self and get resort main you what work for me may not work for you take it or leave it. Before you ho into bloging thing deep and invest money on it, if you invest million be expecting billon of earn. I can remember Toll-hall he invest on his blog and build messive brand around it now my friend is cashing out million in this blog and has over 50 admin working for him from home and they keep making the money till date, you can also do this is not funny nor hard if you apply good seo system you can work less and and earn hug.
Steps you need in this system..

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EverGreen Content
Don’t Fear Keyword
Optimize For Speed and Mobile
Create a Social Media Audiance
Perfect Seo
1. EverGreen Content: You need EverGreen Content is a blog post that last for ever there so many topie that are evergreen you can use many tools to check it and get an everygrern content to write that has volume of 100million per month, there so many blogs ranking on the keyword Yes is true you can also join them and even rank them don’t fear them your blog can also eat out of the traffic all you need is optimize and quality content that up to 1000 worlds. With this SERP first page is sure for you and you will also join the winning the team. Insect your inter link and external link with this google will love to pick your blog from grave to rank 1 and you start seen cool traffic. And this can give you natural link when blogger copy your content it will also help your blog to grow faster. Try to write like 20 content and the way i explain.
2. Don’t Fear Keyword: This sound has advice Yes, i know most people we be hearing keyword but thy will not know the mean of keyword.
What is Keyword: What is keyword Research; is the act of searching the popular teams people search on search engine, to get the common results with the strategically include contest so that your contest appear higher on search engine results pages.
SHORT-TAIL KEYWORD: This is sect of keywords that has low competive and low volum view.
LONG-TAIL KEYWORD: This is sect of keyword that has hight search volum and high competive
MAIN-TAIL KEYWORD: This sect of keyword base on tread and later become short-tail keyword you can found this type of keyword in entertainment, Music, Movies and News Niche,

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Google keyword planner
Moz Pro
Keyword Everywhere
Ahrefs Pro
There so many tools t that you can use and get good result,
Two things to consider before picking keyword
Search Volume: You have to know the numbers of search volume on the keywords, This one of the basic thing you need to consider.
Cpc: Cost per Click, need to know the income you will earn per click from the target country that is most for you, everybody want to earn.
Create a Social Media Audiance: This method will help you brand to move faster, If you run it alone it will be fast but if will run it together it will be faster. You will need many handles for the blog you can create facebook page, Instagram and twitter handle. More much many savage and get hug traffics to your blog.

Three Ways Boost Social Media Pages

Giveaway: You can run giveaway for your user, you can tell them to invite user when they reach the limit you will do giveaway for them.
Sponsorship: you can advert for your pages, this will cost you dime. You can run it for any of your post on the and you keep seen your cool traffic.
Perfect Seo: (Search Engine Optimize) This one of the most and basic thing you need to boost your blog, if you run seo in perfect way you will be bloging less and your blog will be receiving traffic from Search engine, you will be bloging less and your traffic will grow and earn will keep moving. It depends on how you want to run seo we have different type of seo.

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1. Whitehat Seo
2. Blackhat Seo
3. Grey Seo
1. Whitehat Seo: This the most pefect way to build link for your blog, but is somehow hard and it cost time to build, it will cost you time by sending emails to bloggers.
2. Blackhat Seo i can call this ogbonge one that we raise you up just in a week and cone down once, You need to build spon link most (PBN) to boost the Domain authority once it move to 20DA you will keep seen hug traffic, but the blog can only get the hug traffic before the google core update thy can flagged the website and possible to have SearchBoard Error after this your blog is going no where again.
What is PBN: Private Blog Network, this is common on old domain that has high DA, some are selling it you can also buy it for your blog, main you is blackhat.
3. Grey Seo This method is miss of Whitehat and Blackhat google still accept this and they many not flagged the blog, you will need to build need from well authority blog that has high DA and low Spam sorce below 5%. With this you are free to go.

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Now i know you can blog less and get much traffic in addition you can earn hug amont, i know a lot of pertime blogger and there earn there cool amont of money, i know you have enjoy our class and leature today you can still beer with us for every pass hour our server shout down. I know now you can even teach anybody seo and even tell them how to blog less and gain a lot of traffic, Let know what you have for us, and also comment below to enjoy more. Ask us any question so our admin is here to reply you. Thank for visiting us always.

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