Affiliate Link On Whatsapp: Ways To Use Whatsapp To Promote Your Affiliate Links (For Free)

Whatsapp can be a very high engaging platform that is yet untapped by Affiliate Marketers, if you are into Affiliate Marketing Business Programs.

I am going to show you how you can use Whatsapp to get more Sales for your Affiliates and earn more Commission, Right Now.

Ways To Get more Sign Up on your Affiliate Link

Let’s say you already join different affiliate programs and have your referral links, copy them and go to any URL link shortner of your choice like for example;, and others.

Generate a shorten link and Copy the URL link.

Head over to Whatsapp and create a Whatsapp Group and a Whatsapp Broadcast, you are good to take the next step.

What’s Next,

While creating your broadcast list on Whatsapp,  add up to 50 – 100 friends you know may be interested in signing up, buying or doing any action that can earn you commission.

Note: A message sent via Broadcast, who be delivered individually to participants in your list. 

Now,  you have two channel were you can send message to people and friends, let me first show you how to use Whatsapp Broadcast for marketing.

If Whatsapp Broadcast is not available on your Whatsapp version, go get Whatsapp Business and continue.

Use this Broadcast Channel to send daily tips relating to your affiliate program and add your affiliate link, you shorten as a resource site or useful link for them to get the product.

How To Use Whatsapp Group For Affiliate Marketing

Here are some actionable tips to use Whatsapp Group to Promote your Affiliate Links (Step By Step).
This Group should be Totally a free group. 
Yes, to get more people join the group and Use The 80/20 Rule to convert your group list to referrals.
Here is what I meant, everyone that join your free group are not everyone that would sign up with link yet or at all… 
You should doing group segmentation, that is when group members sign up, remove them from the group or probably create a new group for them and send them a private message with the new group link to join as a pro member. Here, you share exclusive tips with them.


Focus on the first group and keep prospecting to them.

There are other methods to Promote your affiliate links online on offline which we would still be discussing here for advanced strategies.

Doing all this and Whatsapp mistakenly banned your number, here is how to Unbanned Your Whatsapp number banned.

Other Methods To Promote Your Affiliate Links Online or Offline

These methods converts like a wizard!

Here is Why You Should Combat all tactics of Marketing to get the best RESULTS.

Online Business Success Formula 

More Traffic = More Opportunities = More Sales

Since Affiliate Marketing is an Online Base Business, here are Opportunities platforms to get more Traffic that brings in Sales.

  1. Website/Blog.
  2. Email List Building.
  3. YouTube Channel.
  4. Free Training.
  5. Paid Ads.
All can be used to Achieve Success in your New Affiliate Marketing Business. 
My Warning for you: Ensure that you Trust your Program or Affiliates and Avoid going to Affiliate Marketing just to Make Money.

#1: Website/Blog

Create content that tends to solve your searchers problem and make them consider your affiliate link as a way to get an inside expert support help from you on solving their problems. 
Speak of your affiliate as a resource and make it optional for them to choose and let them know it is an affiliate link.

#2: Email List Building

Email Marketing is more powerful than you know, it is the most reliable Online Asset to have and leverage, here is why:
It reduces Cost and save time, unpredictable target.
Instead of spending thousands and millions on ads, it is a way for you to broadcast to your whole list of subscribers and you can embed your affiliate link with a button on your email directly or send them to blog where you have your Affiliate link in the blog  post. 
In Email marketing, your subscribers already knows who the email is coming from and what to expect from you.

#3: YouTube Channel/Videos

YouTube is an open source to share videos and generate revenue on a long fastest way to earn revenue with YouTube Monetization and your affiliate sales.
Here is how it works;
Do some video tutorial on how important is that Product for them and show them Step-by-step How to use the product(s), practical get one of your affiliate products and use. 
You can not sell what you can’t use.
You can add your affiliate link in the description of each videos or a link to your website or blog or even to your email newsletter. 
Since YouTube is owned by Google,  Youtube video are quickly index by search engines which makes it easier for people to find your videos online and while searching for related topics. 
Use good Captivating Title and description. 
Do Basic Fundamentals of YouTube SEO video: Watch this Video tutorial below.

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#4: Free Training

Use free training like free course to get more register audience that know you to be an Expert in your field and share your affiliate link in the course, free E-books and others.
You can also use podcasting shows.
Let me give example shared by Alexis Teichmiller from Convertkit 
She said “For example, if you had a free email 5-days Course about workouts you can do from anywhere, you could include your affiliate links for any products you recommend using like Yoga Mats, Resistance Bands, or a Free Hand Weight Set.
Another quick methods to achieve huge success in any online business is using Paid Ads which we would look into in Number #5.

#5: Paid Ads

If you are trying to get more real attention and you are NOT using Paid Ads, you are like someone trying to break a brick without hammer or chasel. 😂 
You would waste your time running around and later discover you are still in the Same Spot, Gosh.
Do not start a business, especially online business without a budget of Paid Marketing (Paid Promotion).
I would leave this with you,  Test all methods of marketing we mentioned here on and focus on the method that works best for you. 
Thank you.
Do you have any question or additional tips to add here,  Drop your honest comment below this Post.

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