5 Nigerian Social Networks You Didn’t Know Were Made By Nigerians

Hello guys. To today I will be show you some Social media network you don’t know it own by Nigerian. I will like to show you just five of them 5 Nigerian Social Networks You Didn’t Know Were Made By Nigerians, actually I will like to explain deeper for you. Nigeria has many inpert to development of Internet and they keep doing it. I don’t think you can enter any Niche and you will not found Nigeria I think is a lie Nigeria Blogger and Developer are one of the best in the world. maind you I don’t come here to hype them just pointing out the reality.

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Nigera is in West Africa, with population of 200 million plus according to popular census in 2006.

Calm down down this is the list of Social network created by Nigerian.

1. LagChat: This is a chatting platform that is doing well, founder Olatunji Ogunkomaya I do call him nigeria mark because is doing well on media.

2. Naijapals: Is one the most visited porter to chat and get latest update time to time, they have over 300, 000 user a around the globe it seen there doing great.
3. Profylr: this is also one of the best because is socializing University students to learn there day to day activities and build them for better future this portal have help alot.

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4. Tutlub: this platform is mainly for relegion basically Musilm, thy do pass information about the religious and believe in God. There help in building faith in God.

5. Christian Singles NG: This platform is mainly for Christian to send information and daily manner to there user thy have over 200, 000 user globerlly.

Conclusion To 5 Nigerian Social Networks You Didn’t Know Were Made By Nigerians

I know now it will not be an acument in your street you can clearly tell them some listen if platform created by nigerian,

Don’t underate nigerian programmer there doing great job to improve internet userage and provide good service day by day.

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