10 Reason to stop using public WiFi

Hello Guys, did you know they can kill your carea with WiFi, it can sound funny and Even funny Yes theybm can, I will like to share my experience last time I visit Europ I want there for seminar, there life style and system is quite different from Africa country the city it self has free WiFi it really sound funny this is county I plan to stay for rest of my life not Nigeria where data plan can kill you and spend 40% of your income to sub. When will reach Europ I started using free WiFi not know is may leed to denger. I can tell u they try to hack me as am Expert but the mail is minium small and valueless too me. I got hack because I share free WiFi with company beside our house. Free things can kill you easily. Here today I Will like to explain how you can get hack by using free WiFi and how to protect your system from does hackers.
Can will start a class, can well?

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What is WiFi: Wi-Fi can be defined as the abbreviation for wireless fidelity, is a miss of accessing or connect to a network using radio waves, without needing to use wires. Am example of Wi-Fi is when you connect your divice to other’s people network to access the internet. Did you have Wi-Fi this is a specific question my boss ask me some years back this is now commonly used all over the world today, There are indeed different types of connection behind the he WiFi label, and they do mean something practical for you maybe you are connecting to the WiFi in the office or the on going.

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Wireless Networking
Many modems or gateways do not provide wireless internet connections, in this case they make use of modem to connect number of divice thy want to add in a community by giving the the modem password work to be connected, with this connection you can got hack if you are using smart phone the modem can copy your (AIP) with this you can got hack, this WiFi isat your own Rick.

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Internet Connection Sharing
This is single port provide your home only in your home. The IP address works like mailing address, allowing the servers on the internet to know where to send the data you requested. With this WiFi system you can got hack but if you use perfect Vpn u can save your details.

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