SEO and motinize method that bring Great results In 2021

Good day guys, my name is Calvin Klein, there is the page I create to show you the full curse study of SEO and website motinize, I know you will be sock we bring this up for you to help you bloging carea and to teach you how to motinize your website to earn bigger and bigger, it an opportunity for you, I Know you will like the free offer.

SEO and motinize method that bring Great results

Here I will show you how bloggers and webmasters miss it to loose audience and how they well been hit by last core Google update, you know have said it earlier is a free offer that’s why 247parrot is the best in all SEO tips we give out free offers,

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What is SEO


An search engine optimization is to direct the quality and quantity traffic from Search engine, the so call traffic is call organic Traffic because is directly from SEARPs.

Type of SEO

Onstage SEO: is the activity take place on a blog to improve an organic Search, source has Designe, Plugins, Function.php, interlinking and Outbound link.

Offstage SEO: this activity take place out side the website to improve the organic Search. E.g: Google console, Backlink, and promotion.

Top 10 untold SEO secret

There I will like to leak does fucking hiding secret, I know this one of the section you will like to ready and enjoy you most.

There are so secret you don’t know it works in SEO and it, below are the untold secret behind your competitor Ranking.


Optimize your content for easy ranking

: After writing a great content you need to optimize it to the proper test for easy ranking, H3, H1, H2


Create content for people In exchange of links

: has we mentioned above write a waeth content for easy Linking blogs,


Featured snippets

: Google at this moment care about the snippets, to give there user result without clicking on any website.



: This sort of words people search on internet to get there reguest, it call heart of content.


Add Video

: Adding of Relected video to you me acticles we be of help to you website most developed country does not like text teaching but Visual this will help your YouTube audience and and also earn automatically.


Optimize for voice search

: Has we Said you can do online brocaste for your acticles and you will also gain lover’s of voice expernation.


Republic of content and changing of Date

After you publish and article on your website you need to give it days and republished it for better ranking.


Implement visuals-first approach

: before you fast your acticles in some cases you need to implement the attraction of visual.


Use up-to-date SEO tools

: you need to use up-to-date SEO tools for better ranking we have many SEO plugin, and many tools I can’t mention here.


Meet user expectations

: I use to tell my training don’t write for ranking write for user to gain one or two things in your acticles. This where most blog owner miss it most write trash and rank once user visit and go true the blog they will just mark it has useless blog and move on.

What is Content

This is art of using article to pass information, to a community, it many be in direct form or speech true a media.


: This is phrase of word, or code use use to get information on internet.

Keyword research

: This is art of using SEO tools to check what people Search on internet.

Top 5 Keyword research tool’s

There I will like to show you list of tools to check your Keywords.

1. Samrush: this one of the best SEO tools with free and paid version. It has many version

2. Ahreaf: there also good but there gree version is not kinder last but there pro account is one of the best.

3. Google Keyword Planner: when you hear word Google you know it most be Quality not quantity there also good the tools is 💯 free and easy to use.

4. Ubersuggest free: this tools is good and okay, the has suggestion feature in it to find likely keyword for you.

5. Soovle Free: I can tell this tools is 9$ per month to be sincere is perfect and good.

SEO Onstage and offstage

There I will like to explain the two and enlighten you on how to make use of the two to host your website traffic. This will not be really funny I know you are enjoying our class.

Onpage: is all aspects of setting take place on a website to Boost organic Search that build trust pillar.

Design: This a template that indecate how your website work and what you offer the design we direct user and also drive more user attention.

SEO Plugin: Mainly I don’t believe is important but is useful in setting blog post appear on Google search.

Speed catch: your blog speed is most important in most cases for fast index and it also Boost organic Search.

Content has we all know “content is king” what we sell is content they don’t need to tell you is King.

offstage: this adequate setting or branding take place outside the website to create High audience.

Backlink: in some of our previous class I said it backlink is stew to boost your blog content Ranking is also one of the fact Google rank your content

Social signal: this social signal is important in some cases is also easy branding on social media.

Promotion: this one of the arm to trade you need to run good promotion for your website has much has you can avoid.

How to promote website/blog

There are so many ways to run Promotion for your website to get more user heart, in most cases content and blog owner did proper work to gain traffic but most of them lack promotion, has we all know promotion is one of the arm to trade. The Question: Where can I promote my blog?

1. Use Google AdWords: This one of the most use advertisement company in the world, they have the most engagement in the act of branding your website.

2. Use Facebook ads: Has we Know Facebook is one of the most visited portal in the world there Social media with over 1billon user. It seen if you run advert with them you know all it means with good target country.

3. Connect to local besinnes: this one if the thing that will help your website and easy branding, Social media will help you with this and boost your sells

4. Use LinkedIn to promote your Blog: LinkedIn is also one of the best social media to promote your website because they have good audience that have knowledge about online and easy engagement.

5. Use YouTube to promote your website: Thai also one of the media house to promote your brand with Video in this 20s is of the best platform to promote your website.

6. Creating Email List: This one of the most easiest ways to promote your website, you can also create this with your blog or e-book you will just tell users to subscribe to your email list once you publish it will notify them and they visit.

How To Write Easy Ranking Blog Post

There I will like to explain five feature to become successful Blogger, this what works for me and some of my client. I know if you follow the steps you will thank us later. Does who fail to plan, plan to fail.

1. The Right Structure: this how you constructe your website, with perfect onpage settings is one of the best thing to get your website rank on Google search.

2. Intro: this how you introduce your readers on your content, it call hookup in copywriting, it maybe in story form or Example method. Just to drive there attention to the content for best results.

3. Body this body of Content where you pass all the information to your readers, you have to make short and likely you don’t need long story make things snap for them to drive the good information.

5. Conclusion: This is the length of content to encourage readers about content. To motivate or advice them for better chance.

Internal Linking: i do call internal Linking pro max because is also one on of the best way to rank blog to enrich your blog post your self. All you need is to interlink in relevant content boom you see great change.

Who is Seo specialist

Seo specialist Does are the people that know a lot about SEO and thy can change website visibility to gain more organic Search from Search engine source has Bring, Yahoo and Google.

How Does Seo specialist Charge

Here I will not give out specific amount because it depends on gigs thy and the offer. Check below we are going to give out some samples. They pay has low has 100$ per week for them.

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10 Blog Niche For Making Money Easily

10 Blog Niche For Making Money Easily

This where most bloggers miss it take choose wrong Niche and they will end up telling telling there friend or elective bloging is hard. Did you know bloging is one of the easiest job. If you run it in right way. I will list out ten Niche you can work on and earn hug Amount from it.

1. Technical Blog: This one of the profitable website that gives out best Solution to there user, making money on the niche is easy with rewards from set of users.

2 .Finance and Investment Blog: This niche is one of the best @times it looks like tech blog but is not, you will be teaching user how to manage there resources and goods.

3. Fashion Blog: this one of the best profitable blog that has time to time update, with easy branding.

4. Digital Marketing Blog This niche is due with currency mostly coin source Bitcoin, Tron. You will be giving them latest update about digital market and how to make the hug Amount.

5. Travelling Blog: Most people are willing to travel all over the world, I can tell you people travel everyday. They ready update about travel flight, covid-19 Policy. Insurance policy.

6. Movie and Music Blog: This niche is popular and People use it day to day, 80% of people are lover’s of music and movies just to tear away sorrow.

7. Health Blog: “Heath is walth” has we all know, did you know every man kind needs good health. You can work on this niche is one of the best and profitable in the world.

8. News Blog: People need time to time update, this niche is one of the most use in develop country’s and it pays.

9. Food Blog: this niche is not much competitive if you know the way forward, this Niche pay and profitable.

10. Personal Development Blog: this niche is empowerment to give user latest update about empower program around the country and offers for user. This niche is Profitable and easy branding.

What is Backlink

Backlink: Is a link juice from other website to power the resources, the real source maybe a blog, page. It most be a relevant citation.

Type of Backlinks

Do-follow backlink: This is the most valuable links that hive High Authority to a web page. User will can’t know the difference.
No-follow Backlink: This is helpful a little bit it use to give credit to the content writer.

What You Need To Consider Before Building Link

Index On Google
You have to do proper research if the blog and the web page is index on Google, if is indexing free free to build link from the page or blog.

Domain Authority
I will keep repeating this ” Don’t build link from low Domain Authority blog this can actually kill you hand work and de-rank your website.

Spam Score
This is not mostly matter but in some cases you need to know where your links are coming from to avoid harmful juice link.

Advantage Of Backlink

Has we all know many people are struggling to be on the No. 1 on Google search, did you know without backlinks you can’t get there easily.

1. It help in easy ranking.
2. It help Google spider to notify the new update and get it rank easily.
3. It boost website authority
4. It show how how people are Linking and Relected to blog post.
5. Google use the matric to Know the value of your acticles.

Most Valuable Links Too Build Ranking

1. Gest Post: this art of sending mail to authority site to get links.
2. Profile Link: this link is almost the best but hard to build, you just need to create account from a bookmark blog and add your Link.
Link Exchange: This one of the best but many people see it has black but I can tell you if you did it in right way you have nothing to fear on. You just need the link from relevant blog post.

Differencert classes of link

We two different classes of link, here I will like to explain the two for you.
1. hyperlinks: this is the act of using image to take visit to another page,
2. Textlink is the of using text to take user to another page.

List of SEO Tools pro and Free

There is the section I will be showing you list of SEO tools to analyze your website for better production and keyword research. Does tools I will mention below has many future in which I know you will like to use. Main you this not advertisement page but free curse.

1. Sumrum: this one of the most popular SEO tools that has many feature and easy to understand for beginners.
• Keyword research.
• DA & PA authority checker.
• Linking Domains.
• Toxic Link Checker.

2. Ahreaf: This less and reliable to track all keywords of a website.
• Backlinks checkers
• DA & PA Authority checker
• keywords Checkers

3. Smallseotools: this tools is 💯 free and easy to you with many features.
• Plagiarism Checker
• Grammer checker
• Spell checker
• Uppercase to lowercase
• Image to text converte
• Text to spech

4. Moz: there the boss of all SEO tools they have there own matric to help in Google ranking. Yes They do.
• Backlinks checkers
• DA & PA Authority checker
• keywords Checkers

5. websiteseochecker: This tools has many feature and is 💯 free they also allow build analyze.
• Backlinks checkers
• DA & PA Authority checker
• Domain Age Checkers

Website to build Do-follow Backlinks

Website To Build Do-follow Backlinks

I know this one of the page you have been searching for that’s why I bring it up for you guys, there different types of links that will boost your ranking plus hug traffic. I will like to make the difference so you can understand just copy the URL and build link on the portal.
PageRank dofollow backlinks list
MDN web docs Mozilla
Search engine people
Wp SEO tricks
Web hosting one dollar

Educational and government Dofollow backlinks list:
Michigan State University
Tech Websites
Berkeley Blog
New Paltz
NC State University
Public Health Law site
University of Texas Arlington
International Relations American University
Domain Authority blog commenting sites:
Matthew Woodward
Internet Marketing Ninjas Blog
Express writers
Blogging tips
National Oceanic and atmospheric administration
Inspire To Thrive
All Tech Buzz
Gotch SEO
Robbie Richards

What is Vblog

Vblog: Are people that use video shoot to pass information or communicaty to audience. This one of the most use in develop country’s to pass information that engaged large scale of people in a community or company.

Type of Vblog

1. Buatuty and Fashion: has will all know everybody like to be beauty and a and almost everybody like fashion, before you target this on YouTube you need to be beauty and have good Fashion product to deliver to your audience and get engaged.

2. Prank and Comedy’s: is one of the best Chennel on YouTube, you just need to be prank and drop Comedy skit every week or day boom you start making the money we all know Mr Ben. Is a millionaire is a YouTuber.

3. How to / Education: Every body need to learn everyday, no knowledge lost this will pay you most if you can work on it teach people what they need to know and latest tips in town to make cool money.

4. Life Style Vlog: You will be showcase everyday life style and hangout to people on YouTube world your audience will see you has role model, before you know you Become celeb.

5. Gamer: Did you know people are out side there buy game, this is most sell Chennel on YouTube and u get hug subriber everyday.

6. Movie / TV / Book Reviews: people like to read review about books or move before watch once you post your review about anything it seen people will watch your video to know the value of the product and some artist can get you feature for there review.

7. Travel: most people which to relocate to other countries but they didn’t know the way forward. You can leature them on this how to migrate to another destination.

8. Pop Culture / Gossips: This is common already you can start yours, most people want to know more about celebrate and gossip about them.

9. Click Baits: I can call this catch for click they normally use catch topic for user to click on there Video, later you know the video is not relevant to what u click to watch.

10. Review & Unboxing Products: people like to see what they want to purchase before buying it, you have to make review on it for them to see what is inside and they will confirm how Quality is it.

How to make money on YouTube

I know this one of the questions you will be thinking to ask, have told you already we gerder our audience view to bring up this topic is a full course study that will help you and how to make the money from your YouTube.

1. Become a YouTube Partner and earn money from ads: this most use and focus of all YouTuber after 1,000 subscriber and watch Hours that reach AdSense policy boom they apply for the ads and get approve and they start paying.
2. Sell products or merchandise: there many things you can sell to your user in this case you don’t need to wait for any number of subriber or watch Hours. You can sell T-shirt, Coffee, Sport kit.

3. Let your audience support your work through “fan funding: this act of Calling to support of your audience to help you get some equipment to boost your carea and they will support you with fun.

Who Makes the most money on YouTube 2017/18

Am type of person going to someone walth I just hate it, I bring this up to Ginger your brain that you can do better on YouTube and make this hug Amount every month. Below are the list of people whose make most money on YouTube.

1. Ryan’s World, $22 million (22.4 million subscribers)
2. Jake Paul, $21.5 million (19.7 million subscribers)
3. Dude Perfect, $20 million (47.1 million subscribers)
4. DanTDM, $18.5 million (22.3 million subscribers)
5. Jeffree Star, $18 million (16.5 million subscribers)
6. Markiplier, $17.5 million (24.5 million subscribers)
7. VanossGaming, $17 million (24.9 million subscribers)
8. Jacksepticeye, $16 million (23 million subscribers
9. PewDiePie, $15.5 million (102 million subscribers)
10. Logan Paul, $14.5 million (19.9 million subscribers)
This list many sock you I will advice you to do your own research on does Chennel this is posted by Forbes.